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Most Frequently asked questions


How can I book a car or find out the rental price?

You can find out the rental price and book a car in www.aegeanrent.gr You simply need to visit the car rental website and follow the simple and quick reservation procedure.

A deposit is required in order to finalize the reservation (usually for 20%-30% of the total rental amount. The exact amount can also be determined by contacting our head offices). The amount of the deposit will be charged through the credit/debit card that you enter by proceeding the booking through our secure reservation system or with a bank transfer and emailing the receipt of the money transfer .

Call the Reservation center: +30 2106622240

What do I need to have in order to make a rental with Aegean Rent?

– Be at least 23* years old, have a driver’s license, issued at least 2 years before, for all vehicle categories.
– Driver’s License (valid for at least one year, “new credit-card type”) in accordance with the Greek law.
*European (from E.U. states)
*Non-European and issued by any country complying with Vienna Convention on Road Traffic.
In case the National driver’s license (which should be valid for at least one year) does not comply with any of the above requirements, a valid International driver’s license is demanded (IDL), together with the National driver’s license. (The International license can be valid for even one day!)
– Personal credit card. (This is done prior to the approval of the Warranty which is necessary for the rental of a vehicle).

* Renter of 19 – 23 years old are subjected to the New Drivers surcharge.

What do I need to bring when I come to receive the car?

– Valid and legal driver’s license
– Your personal credit card or debit card. Third-party cards are not accepted, unless a written and certified authorization is presented. Through the credit/debit card a pre approval is made for the required guarantee necessary for the rental of the vehicle. The deductable amount of the damage waiver of the selected vehicle is the required lease guarantee.

How can I pay for a rental?

Aegean Rent Hellas accepts the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard.

The amount can also be paid in cash, but the driver should have their personal credit card with them, as a guarantee.

What do I need to check before receiving the car?

It is very important to check the car when receiving it and report any damage already on it, so as to avoid charges for damages cause by previous rentals. You will be requested to sign documentary evidence at the collection and return of the vehicle regarding any damages in the car.

Can I drive the car out of the borders?

Aegean Rent Hellas’ written approval is necessary for you to drive a car out of Greek borders. The Green Card issuing and roadside assistance costs are paid by you.

How can I cancel or modify my reservation?

Once you complete your reservation, you will receive a confirmation message with the reservation reference number and details about the rental. In case you need to modify or cancel your reservation, please visit our website and follow the instructions.
Call the Reservation center: +30 2106622240

Can anyone beside me drive the car?

Yes, they can, but you need to pay insurance for an additional driver, and the driver’s license of both drivers should be presented during the collection of the car.

Is the car provided with a full tank?

The car will be collected with a full tank and should be refilled prior to car return. Otherwise a charge of fuel* in addition to refueling fee of 12,40€ will apply.
*Depends on the valid average fuel cost

What happens in case I want to keep the car longer?

If you want to keep the car longer than the contracted period, you should contact the branch office where the car was collected, in order to extend the Rental Agreement.

Can I load an Aegean Rent Car on a ship?

Loading cars on ships is forbidden without the written consent/permission of Aegean rent. In case of such a rental between islands, you are obligated to return the car in the office of collection, otherwise you will be charged with all the shipping costs. In case of a breakdown or an accident, you are obligated to transport the car to one of our branch offices (outside of the island) with your own expenses.

Can I collect a car from one branch office and return it to another one?

The system “Rent here – Return there” (One way) is offered upon agreement.

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