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Disinfection of Cars with Ozone

The spread of SARS-CoV-2 in Greece is now a fact, causing the epidemic of Covid-19. We are all called upon to manage this new situation with seriousness, calmness and prudence.

At Aegean Rent, we pay great attention to the proper cleaning and disinfection of our spaces and vehicle surfaces.

For every car we deliver, a multi-step process is followed, which includes cleaning and disinfecting the car before it is delivered to the customer. The whole process is carried out with special equipment on the external and internal surfaces of the car, with a special disinfectant cleaning liquid.

For the cleaning of the living room, not only detailed and careful work is done, but also disinfection with ozone (use of active oxygen) at the same time. Effective low-foaming, biodegradable and 100% recyclable organic cleaners are used with a neutral PH and no bleach, ideal for cleaning the toughest dirt and greasy stains from oils, grease and fats, on seats, upholstery, carpets and surfaces with synthetic or natural fibers.

The ozone disinfection system destroys the odor caused by bacteria and allergens as well as the fungi that have been created.

At Aegean Rent we are proactive and careful so that you stay safe!

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